What is it in life you are most thankful for?

I’m so thankful for my family. They will always be there no matter what and I’m very thankful for that they are all healthy and happy. I’m happy to have a healthy body without any injuries. I’m thankful to live a live with my boyfriend and have the possibilities to do what we want.

What is real courage?

I think it depends on what kind of person you are. Real courage is to cross and know your limits, with small and big things in life. And to have the courage to chance your life if you are unhappy with it – also when the decision is difficult.

Which thought makes you happy?

I often have happy thoughts. It’s when I think about how lucky I am and how many good pople I have around me. When I know that I don’t have to wait long to see a person that I missed – that is a very happy thought.

What is it one can only learn far away from home?

To appreciate what you come from and miss stuff that you never before noticed. I think the Danish traditions become very important for me when I moved away.

For what do you need boundaries?

I find healthy boundaries important. Learn to say no but also be open. Break the rules but also respect other people. I think I need boundaries to protect myself and my own space.

Where do you feel free?

I feel free when I dance and do sports and that can be everywhere. In those moments I can either let my thoughts out or not think about anything at all. I also feel free out in the nature, walking or hiking.

When was the last time you cried?

I’m easy to tears. I can cry when I see a really bad Serie or when I see something beautiful to me. Last time I cried was to a program called ‘Ausland’s journal’ about refuges in Germany. I know – kind of cliche but I can’t help myself.

Next question:

When and what did you do something for another person?

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